Early in the morning on September 27th a group of 10 Corvettes from the OGSCC met at The Recovery Room near exit 5 of the NJ Turnpike for a run to NJ Cars and Coffee in Millstone, NJ. After our owners and passengers were ready to go we got on the road for the trip two ex
its north on the Turnpike. It sure felt good to flex our horsepower and get some rubber on the road. The Mobil 1 was warm and flowing smoothly while we were cruising along getting our photos and videos taken by some crazy people driving by us. Upon arriving at IMG_0243the Moto Business Park we were directed to park on the side of the road that ran around the perimeter of the park. Our owners and their passengers got out and left us sitting there while they walked around looking at the hundred
s of other cars there of all makes and models from the very old to the brand new. There were some of our family members there from our fore fathers of the C1 generation to the young hot shots with all of their high tech stuff from the new C7 generation. After our owners got back from their walk we got to cruise through part of the other cars on our way out it was good to see some old friends and family members on the way out. The ride home was uneventful and I was not looking forward to being stuck in the garage again. The next NJ Cars and Coffee is on October 18th but I won’t get to go because I will probably be stuck in the garage again while my owners go to the Smithville Corvette Rendezvous and get to hang out with over 200 of my other family members.

By The Vette