Today is Tuesday two days from the start of Corvettes at Carlisle 2016. OGSCC members will be planning, packing or even already driving for their annual pilgrimage to the Corvette mecca in Carlisle, PA. The OGSCC will have members from as far away as Florida and as close as a short 15 to 20 minute drive. We will take our traditional spot at the top of the hill overlooking the 60 plus years of every color Corvette along with all types of vendors. It will be a great weekend to find Corvette related items from the vendors or in the huge swap meet. I really enjoy seeing old friends and making new ones and best of all getting out on the road for a nice ride. I’m all ready to go the fuel tank is full, all my fluids are checked and the tire pressures set. Now I just have to wait for all the stuff for the trip to be tossed in the hatch and off we go. We will see you there, stop by and say Hi if you can make it up the hill!

by The Vette