As I came outside on Sunday morning to a bright sunny day I was ready to get on the road. A quick run down Rt 295 to the Aloft in Mt Laurel to meet up with the group for our trip. Everything was great, all my fluids were up to temperature and I had some heat in my Continentals. Once everyone was ready to go we were off to our next stop. As the only C4 in the group I was the oldest one there but I was the lead dog all the young whippersnappers would have to chase my tail lights today. We got out to the back roads to cut across to the Wawa through the farms and even some cranberry bogs. After a short stop at the Wawa where the last one met up with us we were off through the pines. All of my C5, C6 and C7 siblings right behind me even the one hotshot CZ7 riding behind the old guy. The two people with me were enjoying the ride and the scenery as we cruised along road. We soon arrived at our lunch stop at Breeze’s Bar & Grill off of Rt 9 in Tuckerton. The twelve of us just hung out in the parking area next to the marina with the sun and breeze on us. The people we brought with us had a nice lunch on the deck while watching the boats go in out. When they were done eating it was time to continue our trip so we were off again with me in the lead again. Rt 542 is a great road in South Jersey winding along the Mullica river to our next stop at Basto Village. A couple of us went their own way from our lunch stop and didn’t make it to Basto Village. After hanging out in the parking area while our people walked around to see the sights we called it a day and we all went our separate ways back to our homes.

The Vette